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Check-in and check-out schedules

You can check-in from 15h as we need the time to clean the houses for you. Anyway, in the case you arrive earlier and the property is ready, no problem having the check-in earlier. We are untill 20h.

Check-out is from 8h to 10h, as we need the time to clean the houses for the next guests.


Security deposit

It’s complusory to pay a security deposit established in the booking conditions. You have to pay it in the check-in to the person responsible, and it’s only used for any damage caused to the property.

Security deposit payment

The security deposit it’s usually paid in cash. If you want to pay it via VISA, there is a 1% charge over the quantity of the security deposit.

Security deposit refund

This security deposit will be refunded 48h after your check-out, after checking the property. Just in case there is any damage, we have 15 days to give it back to you, as we need the time to know the damage cost.